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Broken teeth are a frequent issue that can occur as a result of an accident, cavities, or regular wear and tear. The severity of the breaking will determine the treatment, which might range from a simple patch-up to a full repair work. It is essential to understand your condition and get appropriate assistance.

Pain when eating or drinking, sensitivity to temperature changes, swelling surrounding the area, and discoloration are all symptoms of a broken tooth.

If you have a chipped or broken tooth, don’t stress! Dublin City Dentist is here to assist you. Our expert team is ready to repair your broken tooth with least invasiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a tooth that hurts or swells a lot, you should do something right away. Contacting your dentist is important so that they can fix the problem and help rebuild the tooth. A good way to keep your mouth clean is to swish warm water around in it, while cold compresses can help ease the pain caused by swelling. Don’t chew or bite on a broken tooth if you can help it.

Yes, if one or more of your teeth are broken, there are some ways to fix them that will take time and depend on how bad the damage is. Also, it will depend on where you live and how long it took those teeth to break.

Without treatment, leaving a tooth to heal on its own may result in tooth loss, changes in bite alignment, and infection. Typically, it is advised to get dental care before the problem becomes urgent.

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The Benefits


Having a broken tooth fixed as soon as possible will assist to reduce the harm it may do to itself and neighboring teeth. 


When a tooth is damaged, it is more susceptible to bacterial infection. Repairing it can help you avoid potential infection and maintain excellent dental health.


Repairing a broken tooth will help to alleviate the discomfort and sensitivity that it causes. This can also assist to relieve discomfort and restore the tooth’s appearance.


Repairing a broken tooth may be less expensive than extracting and replacing it.

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