Dental Injuries

Trauma to the teeth, gums, and jaw can cause dental injuries.

We offer specialized tooth trauma care to help patients overcome any type of dental injury and restore their oral health.

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Dental injuries can result from a variety of sources, including accidents, sports-related activities, and slips or falls. These usually involve any form of trauma to the teeth, gums or jaw. Dental trauma can vary in intensity, ranging from minor to severe. This may involve fractures, chips, cracks or breaks of the teeth, displacement or dislodging of a tooth, pushing of a tooth into the jawbone and even soft tissue injuries such as lacerations or contusions.

Dental injuries can cause pain, bleeding, and swelling, and can also lead to long-term complications such as infection, tooth loss or changes in bite alignment. It is important to seek immediate treatment for dental injuries to prevent further damage and ensure the best outcome.

A prompt treatment can help to save and preserve the natural tooth, restore the ability to bite, chew, and speak properly, prevent infection, and ensure proper spacing and alignment of the teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Signs of a dental injury can include pain, bleeding, swelling, and difficulty biting or chewing. It’s important to contact a dentist right away if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms so you can find an effective course of treatment.

If you have a dental injury, it is important to seek treatment from a dentist as soon as possible. If the tooth is knocked out, try to put it back in the socket if possible and hold it in place with clean gauze until you can get in to see your dentist.

In case of any other injury (e.g. bites, falls, burns) apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and take over-the-counter pain medication if necessary.

Yes, dental injuries can result in long-term complications such as infection, tooth loss, and changes in bite alignment. Prompt treatment is important to prevent these complications.

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The Benefits


By healing a dental injury is possible to recover the natural tooth health and reduce the risk of an extraction.


You can prevent dangerous infections and other negative effects by taking care of a dental injury.


Restoring dental injuries will prevent teeth from moving and affecting the alignment of the bite.



If you have tooth pain or any dental injury, you should seek medical assistance right once. Those who postpone treatment for an injury are more likely to experience complications.

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