Wearing a mouthguard is a great way to protect one’s teeth and jaws from accidental damage or injuries.

Our dental specialists in Dublin will advise you on choosing the best mouthguard for your individual needs.

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Do You Need A Mouthguard?

It’s time to protect your teeth!

Dublin City Dentist offers the best quality mouthguards for oral protection. These provide superior protection for your teeth and gums while still being comfortable to wear. The materials used are of excellent quality, ensuring long-lasting and great protection every time.

  • Custom-made for you

Our expert dentists will create a custom-made mouthguard specifically for you, ensuring a comfortable fit while providing maximum protection from physical impact and damage. The custom-made design guarantees the perfect fit and maximum protection.

  • High-quality materials

Our mouthguards are special as they are crafted with premium, medical-grade materials that last longer than regular plastic guards. What’s more, they also offer greater comfort and performance while being gentle on your gums and teeth. 

  • Preventing dental injuries

Wearing a mouthguard can help protect your teeth and gums from damage like chipping, cuts, or jaw fractures. It’s an important safety measure to take if you participate in contact sports or activities that have a risk of facial injuries.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your dental health, get the best quality mouthguard in Dublin from Dental Clinic Dublin today!

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What To Expect

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The Benefits


Medical mouthguards can be incredibly useful if you’re worried about the possibility of a concussion. The cushioning effect of the guard helps to absorb shocks from potential impacts and limit your risk of suffering head trauma.


We offer custom-made solutions to meet the individual needs of each patient. Our tailor-made mouthguards are designed to fit perfectly, thus maximizing protection and comfort.


Mouthguards offer comprehensive protection against sports injuries, grinding, clenching and other dental trauma.


Keeping a mouthguard clean is hassle-free, guaranteeing that it stays hygienic and continues to work effectively.

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