Wisdom Teeth Pain

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What Are Wisdom Teeth
and Why Are They Removed?

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the last set of teeth to form in your mouth and typically appear when you are in your late teens to early twenties.

Those who do not have enough area in their mouths for extra teeth, on the other hand, may have a variety of issues such as:

– Crowding: Impact of wisdom teeth can be quite severe; they can push other teeth out of proper alignment, thus causing overcrowding and shifting.

– Decay: Wisdom teeth are located far back in the mouth, making it difficult for regular cleaning and maintenance. This can cause an increased risk of tooth decay in these areas if not attended to properly.

– Gum disease: Food and bacteria can get caught in wisdom teeth, resulting in gum infections and inflammation.

– Cysts: Wisdom teeth that have not erupted properly can cause a pocket of fluid known as a cyst to form. If this is left untreated, it can lead to deterioration of the jawbone and neighbouring teeth.

Taking care of your wisdom teeth can have great effects on both your dental hygiene and personal health in general. It can provide benefits that bring you long-term rewards!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Wisdom teeth often need to be removed because they grow in the wrong place or cause damage to other teeth. This usually affects people whose jaw is lacking space, causing them to grow upwards, at an angle, or towards the cheek and tongue.

The recovery time after wisdom tooth removal can vary, but generally, the swelling and pain will disappear within 1-2 weeks and up to a month is needed to fully heal.

Common wisdom teeth problems can include tooth pain, tooth decay, cavities, gum disease and damage to adjacent teeth or nerves.

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The Benefits


Wisdom tooth extraction is a preventive measure to stop the advancement of infection and protect other teeth and body parts from its impact.


Wisdom teeth which have been impacted or contaminated can cause intense pain and distress, and their extraction can bring about immediate relief.


Extracting troublesome wisdom teeth is a great way to prevent the formation of cysts and tumors in the jaw region.


Extracting wisdom teeth that are causing trouble can help protect you from tooth decay, gum disease, and even jaw pain in the long run.

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